Welcome to the official Special Zombie Service web site. The Special Zombie Service or SZS is a (fictional) regiment in the British Army formed to combat the threat of zombie warfare from terrorist organisations and rogue states.

Like other elite regiments, its members are drawn from existing units within the army who show particular skills in the following areas: singing, sitting seductively in small paddling pools, dunking disoriented individuals in water until they nearly drown, mopping up copious quantities of green vomit and stabbing people in the back of the neck.

The SZS has seen distinguished service in Afghanistan, east London, the south western United States and most recently on a luxury cruise liner. You can follow their continuing adventures at:

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Confused? See explanatory note at bottom of page.


SZS Insignia. Motto refers to main anti zombie combat tactic developed in original Camp Bastion attack

The SZS's charismatic commander Major Charles James and his very hot wife Lance Corporal Molly James (née Dawes)

Explanatory Note

OK if you have stumbled on this site by accident, and have no idea what it is about then take it from me, ignorance is bliss! Also, what the hell were you looking for in the first place? Anyway, if you really want to know whats going on, the SZS is a made up army unit which inhabits the Our Girl fan fiction universe. Our Girl, you may remember, was a five part BBC drama series which aired in the autumn of 2014 on Sunday evenings. If you've never heard of it, you were probably watching Downtown on the other side. The SZS stories are based on the characters and events in that series and are the property of the series writer Tony Grounds and the BBC.

You should also know that the stories are equally inspired to a great extent by the eclectic and erudite discussions of a group of excellent ladies on the Netmums Captain James/ Our Girl discussion thread which can be found at